Unrequited Nuclear Aspirations

My card piles will crash your smile.

Nana Banana
20 May 1988
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Hello there! I'm Nana, and it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm mostly here to fangirl (Yu-Gi-Oh GX is the fandom of the moment) and make friends, as well as occasionally ramble on about my life. I live in NYC, and I can be somewhat elitist about that, though I try my mightiest to hold it back. I'm obsessive and fairly bizarre, but I'm basically a nice person.

I write fanfiction, make AMVs, make icons, and write excessively nitpicky and irritating essays about my fandoms. I am obsessed with psychology, the human body, and medicine. You are more likely to see me fangirling the flu than fangirling something that makes sense.

Also, I'm obsessed with tea. Get me on the subject and I will not shut up. I drink red tea, white tea, and blue tea on July 4th. I drink peppermint tea when my stomach hurts, and I drink oolong tea when I'm eating chocolate. I drink Jasmine tea whenever I can get it. I scorn Lipton if it's not Yellow Label, and I'm pretty sure Foojoy is the best tea ever made.

This was made by diluted_thought, due to L/Sachiko being my Death Note OTP. My longest-running Death Note fanfic brings them together, and it can be found here: Kids

This was also made by diluted_thought.

My current layout is made by freelayouts, my current profile is made by profile_design, and most icons were made by someone who is not me. (Though I do make icons at mycobacterial.) If you made one of the icons I use and I did not credit you, please inform me so that I can fix this!
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